Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cebu City Temple

The Temple is beautiful outside as well as inside. I can't describe how excited the people are to have their own Temple. Many miracles have already taken place during our first two weeks of operation. This is our first view of the Temple very day as we leave our living area on the way to serve in His house.
Please check the blog archive for additional pics.
Photo of Elder Walker (Temple dept.), Pres. Eyring, Pres. Monson, Elder Oakes, and Pres. Burton (Presiding Bishop)
President Monson on his way to tour the Temple prior to the dedication.

Elder Walker and Elder Oakes upon their arrival at the Temple.

View of Temple during open house.

Some of us on the roof of the Marco Polo hotel taking in the panarama view of Cebu.

This pic was taken from the 26th floor of a hotel about 5 miles away. You can see the Temple in the center of the pic.

These are our fellow missionaires eating a great buffet at one of the nicer hotels (Marco Polo).
It was the 26th floor of this hotel that I took the previous pic.

Here is Von and Shauna Cummings. She has already found a shopping partner.

Von is in one of the Stake rooms where we hosted showing videos and giving info during the open house for the Temple.

This is where we live which is right across from the Temple. All couples have apartments on the third floor. They are all brand new and we have 24 hour security on the compound.

Cebu Mission

The picture to the left is the hallway in our apartment complex.
The picture below is a reception area at the end of the hallway.
This pic was taken during the open house for the Temple. Large crowds turned out. Much more than was expected.

After a fourteen hour flight from San Francisco, we had to wait in Hong Kong for ten hours for our flight to Cebu. Here are some fellow missionaires enduring the wait with us in Hong Kong.

Below is a pic with one of our delightful instructors at the MTC.

Monday, June 21, 2010